Stuttgart (Deutschland), 22 Jan 2011


This event was organized by TiRS (Stuttgart Initiative For Animal Rights).

It took place as part of the world week for the abolition of meat.

In Stuttgart King's street 20 activists of the Stuttgart Initiative for Animal Rights (TiRS) demonstrated with pictures of animals suffering or being killed for the meat industry. Along with these pictures, the slogan "let's abolish meat" appeared in 11 different languages (Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, German and Russian).

Because meat causes suffering that can be avoided, it is not up to each individual to make a decision: it must be abolished.

We want to raise a political debate where the interests of animals (such as not suffering) can find a real consideration.

However, the "production" of meat will always mean that these interests cannot be protected.

For the abolition of meat, TiRS

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