Rennes (France), 22 Jan 2011

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In this early stage of World Week for the Abolition of Meat", Nea and Droits des Animaux held an information stand Place de la république in Rennes from 2pm to 7 pm, with a "Meat Tray Action" at 4pm.


There was good attendance with, among other profiles, the “annoyed ” totally rejecting our claims, the sympathisers supporting the abolition of meat, as well as the “I only eat a little meat” tempted to take the plunge and become vegeta*ian, and, for the first-time, onlookers attracted by the recent media attention, timidly picking up a few leaflets.


We set up the Meat Tray at 4pm. The event lasted around 45 minutes, with activists busy handing out leaflets and explaining the Abolition of Meat. Responses ranged from “A cow is brainless”, “it’s obscene”, "there are children here!” to “you are doing a great job”, “people can make the link between meat and the animals.”


A journalist from “20 minutes Rennes” was present and an article will be published in the paper.



Photographs: nea

Organizations: nea and Droits Des Animaux
Contact: nea and Droits Des Animaux