Hamburg Altona (Deutschland), 29 Jan 2011


As part of the World Week for the Abolition of Meat, a demonstration was held on Saturday 29th January in Hamburg Altona. It took place in front of Schweinske Restaurant (Ottenser Hauptstr. 1) and Görtz shoe store (Ottenser Hauptstr. 10) .

The action aimed at drawing public attention on the exploitation of animals in today's society and more particularly on the exploitation of animals that are killed and consumed each and every day. Boosted by the current media debates around the problems of meat consumption and animal farming, the activists conveyed the message that "meat" and "leather" are products which always go along with violence: the freedom of animals is systematically robbed, each and every one of them ends up being killed and its body commercialized.

Just like human beings, animals are sensitive beings and individuals; however, they are considered as raw material and as objects. The liberation of animals from societal fetters is the goal of the animal liberation movement.

"With this action we want to protest against the violence systematically inflicted upon animals by the meat industry. We want to give the opportunity to anyone who is interested to receive information about alternatives such as veganism," said Maria Tengel, one of the organizers of the action.

Organised by MIT:

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