Strasbourg (France), 22 Jan 2011

For the World Week for the Abolition of Meat, Animalsace went to meet passers-by in Strasbourg (France) so as to spread the idea of the demand for the abolition of meat.

We gave out leaflets with a copy of the manifesto for the abolition of meat on one side and a vegan recipe on the other.

Two activists held a large "meat=murder" banner which attracted people's attention.


Because meat production involves killing the animals that are eaten, 
because their living conditions and slaughter cause many of them to suffer,
because eating meat isn't necessary,
because sentient beings shouldn't be mistreated or killed unnecessarily
therefore, farming, fishing and hunting animals for their flesh, as well as selling and eating animal flesh, should be abolished.


Photographs: Animalsace
Organization: Animalsace
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